Bryntum Scheduler

The Scheduler component with all the features

A modern and high-performance scheduling UI component that integrates seamlessly with all JS frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.

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Feature rich

Bryntum Scheduler is based on our Grid, inheriting a lot of its features. It is very interactive and supports:

  • Drag and drop & resizing
  • Event editor, keyboard navigation
  • Export to PDF, PNG, Excel
  • Responsive rendering
  • Drag drop events from external grid

Great performance

The Scheduler applies a combination of techniques to achieve great rendering and scrolling performance:

  • Virtual rendering
  • Minimal DOM footprint
  • Extensive element reuse

Fully themable & customizable

Bryntum Scheduler has a lot of options for customization:

  • Ships with five themes + a custom theme demo
  • Render custom content and style event bars
  • Extensive reactive API, change anything on the fly

Drag unplanned tasks from a grid

Combine the Scheduler with the Grid to show unplanned tasks and drag them onto the schedule.

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