Bryntum Grid

High-performance data Grid

The Bryntum Grid is a high-performance table component for the web. Built with pure JavaScript, it easily integrates with React, Angular, and Vue applications.

Robert Levin Infra July 14, 2015 $576.28 $321.98 San Francisco Lindsey Bergson Design March 13, 2014 $943.65 Berlin Cristopher Korsgaard Strategy April 28, 2016 January 10, 2015 $275.43 $782.75 Paris Anika Mango Security March 6, 2018 $475.22 Tel Aviv Brandon Vetrovs QA/QC May 14, 2020 June 27, 2019 $778.35 Rome Biz Dev Maria Chiu June 25, 2016 $396.84 $118.12 Toronto

Feature rich

Bryntum Grid has all the features you would expect from a professional grid component, including:

Great performance

Nobody likes a sluggish UI. Bryntum Grid uses many techniques to achieve great rendering and scrolling performance:

  • Virtual rendering
  • Minimal DOM interactions & element reuse
  • Modern CSS optimizations when available
  • Try our big data set demo to test the performance

Easily customizable

Bryntum Grid has lots of options for customization:

  • Five themes plus a custom theme demo included
  • Cell renderers to render custom HTML and style cells
  • Extensive reactive API
  • Responsive support

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