Bryntum Scheduler Features



  • Drag drop, resize and create tasks using the mouse or touch
  • Programmatic validation of any editing actions
  • Add any custom columns. Inline cell editing supported.
  • Columns can be sorted using any field or criteria.
  • Dependencies between tasks (FF/FS/SF/SS)
  • Zooming from milliseconds to year, customizable zoom levels.
  • Customize the task look and feel using any HTML + CSS.
  • Configurable time scale with up to 3 header rows, from ms to years
  • Support for global time ranges and date indicators
  • Customizable tooltips using any HTML markup
  • Export to PDF, PNG and Excel
  • Read-only mode available
  • Resource grouping
  • Summaries
  • Animated UI updates
  • Filter tasks or resources easily
  • Pack, stack or overlapping event layouts
  • Customizable task labels
  • Undo & redo

Visual Appearance

  • Includes a demo showing how to create a custom theme
  • Predefined task styles and colors to pick from, or apply custom styling using CSS
  • Row height is customizable, and can be changed dynamically.
  • Ships with four SASS based themes
  • Tasks can be easily styled individually by putting CSS classes on the data, or by using the eventRenderer method.

Technical details

  • Easy to add custom data fields to any of the included Data Model classes (EventDependencyAssignmentResource etc)
  • Comes with a flexible API where you can override pretty much any part of the codebase
  • Platform: None, pure JavaScript and framework independent
  • UMD-bundle for browsers that require transpiled code
  • UMD-bundle as above but also including babel-polyfill
  • ES Module-bundle for modern browsers that support ES modules
  • All bundles are available in minified or unminified versions
  • Multiple build versions available

Server/Database Integration

  • Integrates with any server technology (PHP, Java, ASP.NET etc)
  • Load and save data in JSON. Custom data formats can also be supported.
  • Demo using PHP backend included
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