Scheduler vs Scheduler Pro

Trying to pick between Scheduler or Scheduler Pro? Read on to find out more about the difference between the two

More Features

Scheduler Pro is an extension of Scheduler, with additional features such as:

  • Travel time
  • Resource Calendars
  • Constraints
  • Highlighting Features
  • Scheduling Engine
  • Custom Event Grouping
  • Event Splitting
  • Nested Events

Extra Integration Demos

Combining with Gantt

Scheduler Pro can consume Gantt projects and be used to visualize Gantt tasks in an alternative way: Gantt + Scheduler Pro demo

Mapbox Integration

Integrate Scheduler Pro with Mapbox (3rd party map library) to visualize events on a map: Maps demo

Overlay Chart

Add a chart to the schedule using Chart.js (3rd party chart library) to visualize relevant data: Embedded Chart demo

Scheduler Pro
Dependencies between events
Purely visual
Affects scheduling
Copy and paste events
Drag & drop events
Scheduling engine
Editing events
Basic editor
Advanced editor
Weekends only
Project, resource and event
Highlighting calendars & time spans
Visualize time ranges
Visualize resource time ranges
Travel time
Splitting events
Nested events
Event constraints
Event layouts
Stack, pack, overlap
Stack, pack, overlap, group, custom

Powerful Scheduling Engine

Scheduler Pro has a built in powerful scheduling engine. It is the brain keeping your tasks scheduled based on:

Working-time calendars

Can be specified on project level, per resource and per event. Defines intervals of working or non-working time, the intervals can be recurring. See for example the Event non-working time demo


Dependencies between events determine when a successor can start. Shown in the Dependencies demo


Per event constraints (for example Must start on or Must finish on) are taken into account when scheduling. Used in the Constraints demo

Additional Widgets

Resource Utilization View

The Resource Utilization View visualize allocation per resource and event, and lets you easily spot any overallocation

Resource Histogram

The Resource Histogram visualize resource allocation and working time as a bar chart

Timeline Widget

The Timeline widget is a readonly view that visualize specific events independent of which resource they are assigned to.

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