Siesta is a JavaScript unit and UI testing tool which can run tests in web pages or in Node.js processes. Siesta has a powerful event recorder & player and a scalable automation package with cloud testing support.


Supports any framework including Angular, React, Vue and vanilla JS


Siesta is ubiquitous

Siesta can run tests in web browsers or inside a Node.js process. It is built as a generic testing tool using standard JavaScript. All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE11. Headless environments are supported with Puppeteer and headless WebDriver.

Powerful & precise user simulation

Siesta supports simulating user actions such as mouse movement, clicks and keyboard typing. By default, the event simulation is synthetic and you can configure the mouse movement precision down to individual pixels. Siesta also supports native OS event simulation for complex scenarios.

User action recorder & player

Manually writing web application tests is time consuming, that’s why we built the event recorder and player. The recorder allows you to visually build the code to automate a testing scenario, generating a test case as output. It uses a sophisticated algorithm for finding the most stable selectors, which means the tests will be robust. The player can use both synthetic and native event simulation.

Siesta integrates into your CI flow

Siesta has detailed command line interface, it can be integrated easily into any CI flow. Bryntum uses TeamCity internally and Siesta has special support for it. Siesta can create test suite execution reports in JUnit, plain JSON or HTML formats.

Siesta supports code coverage, making it easier find untested parts of the code base.

Scalable automation package

Siesta can parallelize and distribute the test suite execution between any number of “workers”. The parallelization speeds up the execution by the number of workers. A worker can be a Node.js process, a local Puppeteer instance or a cloud browser instance.

Run tests in the cloud

Siesta integrates with cloud testing providers such as BrowserStack and SauceLabs. Additionally it supports various sandboxing levels for tests, trading speed for isolation, providing extra performance when needed and extra safety if required. On Linux, desktop isolation with Xvfb is supported.

Free version – Siesta Lite

There are two different editions of Siesta – Lite and Standard. Lite can run tests in Node.js and manually in any supported browser, using the web-interface. You can record and replay user actions, except native simulation. Standard adds native events, automation and all integrations. Siesta Lite is published on Npm.

Run tests in Node.js
Run tests on the web page
Manually + Automation
Record and replay user actions
User actions simulation
Synthetic + Native
Parallelization and cloud testing integrations
Test suite execution reports, with built-in web-interface
Teamcity integrations
Code Coverage Module
Cross Page Testing
Expedited support via Premium Forum

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