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Passionate about the web

That goes for all of us at Bryntum. Based in Stockholm, Sweden and founded in 2009, we are a team of 25+ passionate individuals who provide advanced UI components and dev tools for over 5000 companies in 80+ countries. We strongly believe in the web as an application platform and our mission is to help developers achieve excellent UX in their web apps.

Looking for a new opportunity? We would love to hear from you, please see our open positions.

If you pass by Stockholm, we’d love to invite you in for a Swedish fika! ☕️

Management team

My Ek

Our sales admin who loves numbers, home decoration and process development.

Johan Isaksson

Our code architect who enjoys floorball and hockey (Go Brynäs!).

Göran Anderson

CFO who never misses an opportunity to hit the golf course. Fore!

Joakim Lindberg

Professional web developer who disconnects with trail running and a fantasy audio book.

Mats Bryntse

CEO. Plays badminton to make up for all the office work.

Dan Oatley

Product manager, thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie with a passion for understanding customers’ needs and solving problems.

Rasmus Ersmarker

Senior stack developer, and semi-professional magician. Pick a card, any card!

Malin Didriksson

Sales admin. When she is out of office, you will find her either dancing or running.

Jens Kinnander

Legal counsel

Contact information

Visiting address

Malmskillnadsgatan 42
11157 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 736 606088

Registered address

Fågelhundsvägen 10
226 53 Lund, Sweden

Business information

VAT no: SE 556848115301
Company reg. no: 556848-1153