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End User License Details

There are two different kinds of licenses for our products: End-User License and OEM License. The End-User License is perpetual and applicable for applications where end-users do not pay for access, such as a company intranet application. To use our UI components in commercial products and SaaS type applications (e.g. CRM, ERP or MES apps) that will be redistributed for a fee to third parties (“commercial applications”), you require an OEM license. For more information please contact us for an OEM quote.


Consultants and companies providing external development teams that develop applications must ensure that the third parties for which they develop are adequately licensed for the Bryntum Software. Both the final owner of the developed application and the consultants need to have their own unique set of licenses. As a consultant, you cannot use the same license to build application for different customers, if the customers are to own the IP rights of the application.

Named vs Floating Licenses

The Bryntum developer licenses are named and cannot be shared between multiple persons. You may reassign a named license once per six months, or if a person leaves your company. If you need more flexibility, the Floating license is more suitable as it lets you reassign seats freely.

Premium vs Basic Support

We offer professional support in our support forums. For standard support, typical response time is 24h-48h. If you need faster support, we offer Premium Support which means your questions will get prioritized before standard support. Typical response time for Premium support level is 3h-12h (on working days). If you need one-on-one assistance, we offer Professional Services.