Bryntum Scheduler Pro

A professional scheduling widget

A professional scheduling UI component with a brain. The Scheduler Pro helps you schedule tasks while taking the availability of your resources and tasks into account.

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Connect your tasks

Let Scheduler Pro handle the rest. It will schedule your tasks based on the links you define and respect any task constraints. This ensures the integrity of your schedule.

After a task is updated, the scheduling engine cascades the modification to any successor tasks.

Apply your own styling

Our themes are all built using SASS using variables meaning you can easily customise them or roll your own. We also provide several pre-configured task bar styles and color sets to help you put some color on your tasks.

Avoid over-allocating your resources

With the built-in resource histogram, you get a clear overview of how your resources are allocated. Overallocation is highlighted in bright red to help you manage your resources optimally.

Define resource shifts

With the Scheduler Pro, you control all the variables that affect the timing in your schedule. Define your resource availability in a hierarchical calendar structure and the shifts will be visualised.

Customizable task editing

Bryntum Scheduler Pro also comes with a powerful customisable task editor allowing you to:

  • Modify any base fields and add your own
  • Edit predecessors, successors and constraints
  • Hide / show any pre-configured fields
  • Apply changes live but roll them back if needed

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