Bryntum Calendar

The all-in-one Calendar solution

The Bryntum Calendar is a modern and flexible calendar component with day, week, month, year, and agenda views. Built with pure JavaScript, it easily integrates with React, Angular, and Vue applications.

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Flexible and powerful

Bryntum Calendar is built using modern ES6+ and SASS and integrates easily into any web application including React, Angular or Vue. It comes with ready to use examples and renders beautifully to any device and screen size.

Multiple views

Out of the box, the Calendar supports day, week, month, year and agenda views to make sure your users can view their tasks in any way they want.

Fully customizable

The Calendar is styled using Sass with variables you can use to modify the calendar appearance any way you like. The tooltip and and event editor widgets can be customized to show any markup.

Try it yourself

Live demo

The calendar has full support for recurring tasks. Your tasks can repeat in any pattern you need – daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

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