Bryntum Calendar Features


  • Easy to localize to any language
  • Unit tested with Siesta
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Built entirely on web standards: ES6+, HTML and SASS / CSS


  • Drag drop and resize tasks
  • Double click to create a new task
  • Day, week, month, year and agenda views
  • Navigation toolbar
  • Programmatic validation of any editing actions
  • Customize the task look and feel using basic CSS
  • Customizable event bar HTML content
  • Read-only mode available.
  • Recurring tasks
  • Filter tasks on any condition
  • Customizable side bar with date picker
  • Resource filter panel
  • Customizable tooltips with support for custom HTML markup
  • Undo & redo

Visual Appearance

  • Easy to create custom themes using SASS variables
  • All elements can be styled easily using just plain CSS
  • Tasks can be easily styled individually by putting CSS classes or inline styles
  • Responsive rendering which will adapt to any screen size

Technical details

  • Easy to add custom data fields to any of the included Data Model classes
  • Individual source files + documentation included
  • Flexible API where you can override pretty much any part of the codebase
  • Platform: ES6+

Server/Database Integration

  • Integrates with any server technology (PHP, Java, ASP.NET etc)
  • Load and save data in JSON using the Store class