Nickolay Platonov
6 July 2022

Announcing Siesta v5.6.0 with LambdaTest support

We are excited to announce Siesta v5.6.0. The release includes a new major feature – support for running tests in […]

We are excited to announce Siesta v5.6.0. The release includes a new major feature – support for running tests in the LambdaTest cloud infrastructure. There are also a few bug fixes and small improvements as usual. Let’s look under the hood to find out what’s new.

Cloud testing with LambdaTest

Quality standards for web applications these days are pretty high. Users expect the application to just work, on any platform they use it. The only way to ensure these quality expectations are met, is to have an automated test suite. And on top of that, the test suite needs to be run it in every supported browser. This becomes a bit of a challenge if you want to do this only using in-house tech. You will probably have to maintain a small farm of virtual machines, switching between them, upgrading browsers, etc, etc. This can quickly become a bottleneck. Thankfully there is an alternative option to run your tests in the cloud, using the newly supported LambdaTest integration. It allows you to launch your tests on LambdaTest’s infrastructure, with just a single command-line option. Let’s go through the whole process step-by-step.


When you register an account in LambdaTest you receive a username and an access token, found on your profile page. Please have this information handy when trying the following examples.

Running your test suite in the cloud

Now, you can run your tests in the cloud by adding a --lambdatest command-line option for the bin/webdriver Siesta launcher.

__SIESTA_DIR__/bin/webdriver https://localhost/my/siesta/project/wrapper.html --lambdatest LT_USERNAME,LT_ACCESS_TOKEN 
--cap browserName=firefox --cap platform=windows

The desired browser/OS combination can be specified with the browserNameand platformcapabilities. You can use an online LambdaTest tool to easily find these values: Siesta with LambdaTest

If you don’t specify a username or an access token, Siesta will look for those in the LT_USER and LT_KEY environment variables. Overall it should look like this:

Under the hood

Under the hood, Siesta will establish a secure tunnel from your machine to LambdaTest servers, using LambdaTets binaries. Using this tunnel, the cloud browser will be able to load web pages from your local web server and you don’t have to make any additional setup for that. You can also launch the tunnel manually, to have precise control of which traffic to route to it. To find out more, please refer to the online Siesta documentation.

Summing up

For full details on what changed please see the change log. We hope you will find the new features useful and if there is a feature you need, please let us know. Happy testing!

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