Siesta Features


  • Unit testing + UI / Application testing
  • Siesta is of course tested using itself
  • Web based test tool built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Write tests in JavaScript


  • Test any JS codebase, Node, Angular, React, jQuery or Ext JS
  • Two versions available: a free Lite version and the full Standard version
  • Short learning curve
  • STANDARD Code coverage module
  • Powerful event recorder for quick UI test generation
  • Simulate any mouse or keyboard interaction easily
  • STANDARD Parallell test suite execution for faster results
  • STANDARD Integrate with any CI tool such as TeamCity, Jenkins or Bamboo
  • Lots of examples to get you started quickly
  • Extensible and easy to create your own test API layer
  • Automation package, with support for:
    1. Selenium Webdriver
    2. SlimerJS
    3. XVFB
    4. Puppeteer
  • Extensive API documentation