Johan Isaksson
3 March 2023

What’s new in 5.3.0

Friday is usually a good day, but today is a special day as we released the latest and greatest version […]

Friday is usually a good day, but today is a special day as we released the latest and greatest version of our Bryntum web component suite – version 5.3 is finally here! It’s a big milestone for us as we’ve added lots of major improvements, like time zone support, 30+ new languages, spreadsheet functionality, a new version tracking feature, time ranges in Calendar, and a whole lot more.

I also want to give a big thanks to all our amazing customers who provided us with valuable feedback about what features to prioritize. We hope that this new version will exceed your expectations and make your apps even better. Let’s dig in and start exploring all the exciting new features!

Time zone support

Events and tasks can now be displayed in any time zone which is very useful if you have users spread out across the globe. Time zone support is now featured in Scheduler, Scheduler Pro, Gantt & Calendar. Try it out in each product’s new timezone demo:

Note that it is still using native JavaScript dates and that the target time zone is emulated by offsetting those. We are waiting for the Temporal API to land, which will simplify our implementation greatly.

New languages added

In this release we have added full support for 31 new languages, bringing the total up to 34:

Spreadsheet functionality

The Grid has a set of new features that enables using it in a spreadsheet-like manner:

Try it out in the new spreadsheet demo, which also adds formatting of the cells:

This feature is also available in the Scheduler, Scheduler Pro, and Gantt as they all subclass the Grid.

New version tracking feature

The new Versions feature in Scheduler Pro & Gantt can capture, restore, and compare snapshots of a project. It also keeps detailed change logs that can be visualized in the new VersionGrid widget. We encourage you to try it in the new versions demo:

Time ranges in Calendar

The new TimeRanges feature allows applications to render arbitrary ranges of time as well as points in time (as lines). You can apply custom background styling and add rotated headers with text and icons beside the calendar’s normal events. Check it out in the new timeranges demo:

React components in Scheduler events

Scheduler now supports using React components in the event bars, by returning JSX from an eventRenderer(). This is showcased in the brand new react-events demo:

Recurring events in Scheduler Pro

Scheduler Pro now supports recurring events just like the basic Scheduler does. Check it out in the new recurrence demo:

Effort in Scheduler Pro

Support for event effort calculations was added to Scheduler Pro (previously available only in the Gantt). Event effort represents the total amount of time scheduled for the event for all its assigned resources. Try it out in the new effort demo:

Virtualized rendering in TaskBoard

TaskBoard now supports partial virtualized rendering, which improves performance when using thousands of tasks. Partially virtualized means that all cards are rendered as outlines, and when they intersect the view they are fully populated. Enable the new virtualized config to activate this mode. You can check this out in action in the new bigdataset demo:

CSS size reduction

We refactored the CSS used to support different colors on buttons, checkboxes and Scheduler events (etc.) in 5.3. We now use CSS variables instead, which let us shrink the size of our CSS bundles by up to 50% (for Scheduler and above). This chart shows the old size and the new size, in kB:

Improved typings

We have replaced many of the not-so-informative Object types in our TypeScript typings with better-declared types. Objects that are used as maps are now declared as Record<keyType, valueType>, and for functions that accept object arguments, many have been replaced with anonymous type declarations, such as { foo: string, bar: number }.

In other news

This release contains even more cool features worth checking out.

Release details

For full details about this release, please see the change logs, What’s New guides and upgrade guides of each product:

Product Changelog What’s new Upgrade guide
Scheduler Pro

Summing up

That’s it, folks! 5.3 is a huge step forward for us, and we have more blog posts lined up to cover the most prominent features in more detail. We develop and improve our products almost exclusively based on the feedback received from our customers and community. We hope you will enjoy this release and please keep your feedback coming. Is there a specific feature you would like us to add next?

For full details please see each product change log, links above.

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