Vance Collins (FSP)
22 June 2023

Client Spotlight: Flight Schedule Pro

About Flight Schedule Pro Flight Schedule Pro is a software-as-a-service provider in the aviation industry, serving 1,000+ operators and booking […]

About Flight Schedule Pro

Flight Schedule Pro is a software-as-a-service provider in the aviation industry, serving 1,000+ operators and booking over 10,000 flights per day. Established career pilot training centers, universities, and colleges across the country use Flight Schedule Pro to help them streamline operations, grow their businesses, and introduce more people to the world of flying. The platform offers Flight Scheduling, Part 141 & Part 61 Training, Online Billing and Payments, and Aircraft Maintenance Operations Management.

Flight Schedule Pro employs Bryntum products to assist aviation operators.

With the word “Schedule” right in the name, Flight Schedule Pro needed a schedule and calendar library that would scale with the complexities of their business. Scheduling airplanes is a core function for flight schools and aircraft operators. The efficiency of keeping the airplanes scheduled and in the air directly affects their bottom line. Aircraft schedules are complicated by the types of airplanes an aviator can fly, the overlap with potentially multiple instructors’ schedules, and the constantly changing weather.

When it came time to upgrade to a newer front end tech stack, the Flight Schedule Pro engineering team evaluated more than ten of the top scheduling libraries. We narrowed the finalists down to three and created a proof of concept with each of them. Although there was something to like about them all, Bryntum had the complete package. One comment the developers made many times in the evaluation process was how much they preferred coding with the Bryntum tools. The decision to use Bryntum was unanimous amongst the developers, designers, and product owners. Even the accounting team blessed our choice.

Bryntum Scheduler and Calendar in Flight Schedule Pro

For most of our users, the schedule is the first and primary view they interface with. This view is distinct by operator (flight school, flying club, airport, etc). It shows the various resources like aircraft, simulators, meeting rooms, and instructors. The aviator is able to find an available aircraft or a combination of resources at a glance.

One of the primary drivers for adopting a new scheduling library was to uplift the remainder of our original Angular JS code to the most current version of Angular. Bryntum plays very nicely with the new Angular frameworks and even allowed us to deprecate some other libraries and technologies that were no longer needed.

Our customers are already digging into the new features

Appreciation for the new reservation calendar is already rolling in. One customer stated, “I really like the new layout that you have created. This makes is very easy and I like the new ‘find time feature’.” That is what we like to hear. We also like to know when we can make improvements. Another customer remarked on the new view, “The latest change to your website is EXCELLENT.  It is much better.  Still a lot of space used for [aircraft] numbers and instructor names.  But the format is much better and your webpage overall, is an excellent product.” The beauty of the Bryntum libraries is that we were able to accommodate this feedback quickly and with very little developer effort.

Summing up

We released the new calendar and schedule views a few weeks ago. Our customers praised the new look and feel and appreciated the performance. As with all major changes, some customers had feedback on what they would like to see differently now that they had the new tool in their hands. The ease of coding against the Bryntum library meant our engineering team was able to release numerous tweaks and additional features in the week after it first went to general availability. This is just the beginning. We have many more plans to build on this functionality and the Bryntum libraries.

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