Mats Bryntse
8 May 2020

Announcing Scheduler Pro 1.0.0

Today we have the pleasure of announcing the 1.0 version of the Bryntum Scheduler Pro – our brand new product […]

Today we have the pleasure of announcing the 1.0 version of the Bryntum Scheduler Pro – our brand new product combining the visualisation capabilities of the Bryntum Scheduler with the scheduling engine of the Bryntum Gantt. The result is a very powerful scheduling tool, which utilises Gantt data structures to reschedule successor tasks while respecting constraints, dependencies and calendars. A typical use case is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) where staff have defined shifts, machines need downtime for maintenance / repair and tasks are recurring and inter-dependent.

Main features

The Scheduler Pro inherits from the Scheduler and Grid components and support most of their features / APIs, such as sorting, grouping, tree view and so on. On top of these, the Pro version also includes:

Live demo

An announcement blog post is not the same without a live demo, so here we go:

Under the hood

There is quite a lot going on in the demo above:

All the above, is achieved by the code snippet below – around 100 lines out of which most are just configuration.

import {SchedulerPro} from '/your-repo/schedulerpro/build/schedulerpro.module.js';

const schedulerPro = new SchedulerPro({
    project : {
        autoLoad  : true,
        transport : {
            load : {
                url : '/data.json'

    appendTo          : 'demo-div',
    resourceImagePath : '/your-images/users/',
    eventStyle        : 'rounded',
    startDate         : '2020-03-23T05:00:00',
    endDate           : '2020-03-26T00:00:00',
    features : {
        resourceNonWorkingTime : true,
        cellEdit               : true,
        filter                 : true,
        regionResize           : true,
        dependencies           : true,
        dependencyEdit         : true,
        percentBar             : true,
        group                  : 'type',
        sort                   : 'name',
        eventTooltip           : {
            header : {
                title      : 'Information',
                titleAlign : 'start'
            tools  : [
                    cls     : 'b-fa b-fa-trash',
                    handler() {
                    cls     : 'b-fa b-fa-edit',
                    handler() {

    columns : [
            type  : 'resourceInfo',
            text  : 'Name',
            width : 220
            type    : 'action',
            text    : 'Actions',
            width   : 80,
            actions : [

Resource Histogram

Keeping track of resource utilisation is important to not waste or overuse resources. With the Histogram you get a clear overview over your resource allocation levels broken. You can `partner` it with the Scheduler Pro and view the chart updating live as you make changes in the schedule.

resource histogram
More demos

Customizable Task Editor

The widget most frequently asked about in our support forums is definitely the task editor. This makes sense, since every business has its own data model fields that needs to be displayed and / or edited in the application. In the TaskEditor included with Scheduler Pro, you can add extra fields and remove or customize any of the default fields.

Task Editor

Browser support

Bryntum Scheduler Pro is supported by all modern browsers. In the licensed version you get both readable documented source files and module / UMD bundles.


Ready to get started?

If you are already familiar with our suite of products, you should find it easy to get started. We recommend starting by reading the guides, Getting Started guide combined with the Project model guide and Calendars guides to get familiar with the data model.

If you are new to Bryntum, we also recommend learning the Store and Model classes.

You will find a free 45-day trial using the button below. We hope you will enjoy this release and new features and hope to hear your feedback if there is some feature missing that is important to your business. Happy hacking, and stay safe!


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