Mats Bryntse
2 October 2015

Announcing Ext Gantt And Ext Scheduler 4.0

We’re super excited today to announce the 4.0 version of our scheduling components: Ext Gantt and Ext Scheduler. As always […]

We’re super excited today to announce the 4.0 version of our scheduling components: Ext Gantt and Ext Scheduler. As always with major releases, there has been a number of improvements and bug fixes made to both products. We’ve upgraded both products to use the latest version of the Ext JS platform – v6.0.0. A very cool thing in Ext JS 6 is the new imageless theme called Triton. We have added support for this and also updated some of our samples to use it. See below for a screenshot of how it looks in action.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.55.15

Announcing Ext Gantt Pro

With this 4.0 release we have introduced a new Pro version of the Gantt chart. Since the first 1.0 version was released about 5 years ago, the product has grown immensely. Ext Gantt 1.0 totalled about 5500 lines of code, compared to the 4.0 gnt-all-debug.js which currently consists of 65k lines. With our new tiered offering we can now offer a slimmer basic version for those who don’t need all the extras. And for those who need a fully featured project management tool, the Gantt Pro will be the ideal choice. The Pro version has the following additional features compared to the Standard version (more to come):

All our existing customers with Ext Gantt licenses have been upgraded to Ext Gantt pro automatically. To learn more about which features you’ll find in the two versions, please see our updated Gantt product page. If you have suggestions of advanced features you would like to see added to our Pro version, please get in touch with us. For the month of October, we’re offering an initial discount of 15% on your Gantt Pro EUL purchase. Click here to buy a Gantt Pro license.

The new resource utilization panel

One highly requested feature in the past has been a resource utilization table view where you can easily see over and under allocated resources. This is now supported in Gantt 4.0 where we introduce a new view class Gnt.panel.ResourceUtilization. This shows a list of your resources and each resource can be expanded to show the tasks assigned. Each resource time slot also gets a CSS class assigned based on the utilization level, meaning you can highlight over-allocation, under-allocation as well as optimally allocated resources.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.25.06

Using this class is very simple and rather than describing how to use it in words, let’s just take a look the basic code required:

new Ext.Viewport({
    layout : 'fit',
    items  : [
            title              : 'Resource utilization',
            xtype              : 'resourceutilizationpanel',
            taskStore          : yourTaskStore

This component, as well as the Timeline component both build upon parts of Ext Scheduler under the hood. The Gantt now includes a stripped down basic Scheduler version to implement these features. This means you don’t need to include the full Scheduler scripts on the page to use these features.

The new Timeline component

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.28.08 copy

In previous versions of our Gantt chart, we included a timeline demo in the “advanced example”. This component has now been promoted to its own Gnt.panel.Timeline class and is fully supported as part of the Gantt Pro product. The timeline can be used to keep track of important tasks in your project. All you have to do in your Task data model is to set the “ShowInTimeline” value to true for the important tasks, and there is also a special Gnt.column.ShowInTimeline column allowing you to toggle this setting in runtime.

    "Id"              : 10,
    "Name"            : "Planning",
    "PercentDone"     : 50,
    "StartDate"       : "2010-01-18",
    "ShowInTimeline"  : true,
    "Duration"        : 10
Ext JS version support

As you probably already know, our general support policy is to support two major versions of our software. This means we currently support v3.x based on Ext JS 5 and v.4x based on Ext JS 6. This also means that the legacy 2.x version is unsupported. You can always see clearly which versions of Ext JS we support by looking in our customer zone or change log. In the coming weeks we’ll also be looking at supporting the recently released 6.0.1 version of Ext JS.

What’s coming next..?

This release marks a major milestone for us as we continue to look at features to add next. Here’s what you can expect in the coming 3-6 months:

What features are you and your end users looking for? Please send us an email or write in our forums and we’ll try to improve our products according to your needs.

Try it out now

We encourage you to download our new release and try it out. Your feedback is very important to us so please let us know your suggestions and also please report any issues you find.

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