Mats Bryntse
28 June 2024

Announcing Bryntum 6.0

Following two years of hard work, we are thrilled to present the highly anticipated 6.0 release of our UI library. […]

Following two years of hard work, we are thrilled to present the highly anticipated 6.0 release of our UI library. This release is filled with powerful features requested by our customer base, new demos, and plenty of bug fixes (in 6.0 we closed 213 GitHub issues). Let’s dig in!

Lazy loading rows while scrolling 

The new lazy-loading functionality improves Bryntum Grid performance when dealing with massive data sets. By loading the large dataset in chunks as rows scroll into view instead of loading the complete dataset at once, the user experience is greatly enhanced. Try it out in this new Grid demo. Lazy loading is also available for the Bryntum Scheduler and Scheduler Pro components.

With lazy loading enabled, the Bryntum Grid data store makes a fetch request to get the first rows of data to be rendered on page load. The number of records fetched is referred to as the chunk size, and it’s a configurable property of the lazyLoad feature. The store keeps track of what data has been loaded, and when a user scrolls down the grid, the next chunk of data is fetched:

Read more about this powerful feature in this blog post.

Locked grid rows

Locking rows is now supported in the Grid, Scheduler and Scheduler Pro widgets. This is an essential feature in a data grid, as it enhances data visibility and accessibility by keeping important rows, such as headers or totals, fixed in place while scrolling through other data. This ensures critical information remains in view, enabling more efficient data analysis and decision-making.

New CalendarEditor widget

In the Gantt chart, we added a new CalendarEditor widget to enable editing resource working and non-working time. With the user-friendly UI, any user can now manage the schedules without needing special skills.

Try it out by clicking the calendar icon in the updated advanced demo.

Real-time updates for Gantt & Scheduler Pro

Real-time updates in Gantt charts are amazing because they allow everyone on the team to see changes instantly, just like in Google Docs. This means project managers and team members can collaborate more effectively, making quick adjustments and seeing the impact immediately. It raises the bar for project management by keeping everyone on the same page and reducing delays caused by outdated information. You can try this feature in this new demo.

Support for real-time updates will soon be rolled out to Grid, Calendar, and Task Board as well.

Support for resizing multiple events simultaneously

Scheduler now supports resizing all selected events in one gesture. Try it out in the drag-selection demo.

New DateRangeField widget

As most of the things in the Bryntum world revolve around dates, it’s natural that we also offer you a powerful UI to work with date ranges. Enter the new DateRangeField:

Drag-drop of rows between different Grids

Drag-drop is by far the most popular feature in the Bryntum library, implemented in so many places in many different widgets. In 6.0 you can now drag rows between different Grid and TreeGrid instances.

Try it out in this new demo.

New code editor for the examples

A live demo is not fun unless you can view and fiddle with the code. This is why we upgraded our in-demo code editor to use the Monaco code editor from Microsoft. It offers a rich user experience with code highlighting, tooltips, and keyboard shortcuts. Try it out in any demo by clicking the code icon. We will add this to all react, vue, and angular demos too in a few weeks.

More improvements

This release also includes additional improvements and bug fixes, among them:

Release details

For full details about this release, please see the change logs, What’s New guides and upgrade guides of each product:

Product Changelog What’s new Upgrade guide
Scheduler Pro

What’s next on our roadmap?

Version 6.0 is a major step forward, but there is still much more to come. Here are some of the features on our short- and mid-term roadmap.

Is there a specific feature you would like us to add next?


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