Arsalan Khattak
29 December 2023

2023 – Year In Review

Introduction Hello, and welcome to our 2023 Year in Review at Bryntum! I am Arsalan, and I recently joined Bryntum […]


Hello, and welcome to our 2023 Year in Review at Bryntum!

I am Arsalan, and I recently joined Bryntum as a DevRel Engineer. I will be interacting with you more in the coming year and you’ll see me in the spotlight. In this blog post, I teamed up with our CEO Mats Bryntse to share Bryntum’s yearly review with you.

As we wave goodbye to another year, it’s a perfect time to pause and reflect on our journey. This past year has been extraordinary, filled with challenges and invaluable lessons. Whether you have been with us for a long time or have recently joined our community, we want to share this journey with you.

This Year in Review serves a dual purpose: For Bryntum, it’s an opportunity to reflect on our growth, celebrate our successes, and learn from our experiences. For our clients and community, it’s a chance to gain insights into our journey, understand the value we’ve added over the years, and see how our developments and innovations directly benefit them. Looking back, we see plenty of feature updates, enhancements, and the addition of new names to our customer list and fresh faces who joined our team. We want to share it all with you to celebrate 2023 together.


Let’s start off with some quick stats:

Wohuu! Those are some great numbers, all thanks to the Bryntum team, who worked really hard to make this possible. We have a massive list of new features as well; mentioning them all won’t be possible, but you can check the change logs of each product in the documentation. A few notable improvements:

Clients & Partnerships

We had the pleasure of adding many new businesses to our growing list of customers, including:

You can find the list of our featured customers here.

We have also entered into a unique partnership with the Dutch company Bizzomate, known for software solutions on the Mendix low-code platform. This partnership brings Bryntum’s UI components to Mendix, making it easy for users to add scheduling features to their applications.

Dries Ausems, a partner at Bizzomate, highlighted the impact of this partnership on the Mendix ecosystem:

There are thousands of Mendix apps across the globe that are used to schedule complex matters. But crisp UI components to deliver fast drag-and-drop functionality have been hard to come by in the Mendix ecosystem. It comes as no surprise to us that the widget, which incorporates Bryntum’s world-class productivity-enhancing components, has experienced significant success within the Mendix community since its launch a few days ago.

Learn more here.

Community Engagement

Mats and Rasmus at Wey Wey Web presenting Bryntum

We have been to many events this year, and the number is expected to increase next year. Below are some of the events we sponsored in 2023.

If you want to watch the events we plan to attend, you can view them here.

Team growth

The team shared an amazing time in Kotor, Montenegro during the fall, where we hacked on many new innovative features together for a full week. So much fun and a great way to do teambuilding.

We also expanded our team this year and welcomed these new awesome colleagues to Bryntum.

2024 Roadmap

In January we resume our work with finalizing the 6.0 release. It includes scroll-paging for Grid/Scheduler, Calendar Manager, Sticky Rows, and much more.

Later in 2024, we aim to bring you time-phased assignments, cost calculations, and zooming improvements. If you are lacking a particular feature, please feel free to reach out to us anytime via email or in our support forums.

Final Words

2023 has been a fantastic year, and we look forward to working with the same passion and energy next year to improve our products and community engagement.

We value your feedback, which is essential for our growth and improvement. If you are new to Bryntum, we invite you to experience our products firsthand with a 45-day trial. Try our products and discover how we can simplify and enhance your web development projects.

Arsalan Khattak

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