Scheduler for Ext JS

A very powerful javascript UI component for resource scheduling. It has a clean, extensible API that is well tested and supports all modern browsers.


Powered by Ext JS

Bryntum Scheduler for Ext JS is built upon the powerful Ext JS framework. It is easily integrated into your business applications, enabling you to use all the components of the framework in your solutions. And while Ext JS is required, you can still integrate the Scheduler with any other JavaScript based framework.

Recurring events

To help you not forget that birthday or the wedding anniversary, the Scheduler supports repeating events. In the editor popup you can choose any recurrence pattern, like daily, weekly, monthly or annually.


The Scheduler component includes a huge set of features like line indicators, filtering, grouping, tree view, dependencies between tasks, popups, tooltips and many more. To see what you can do with the Scheduler, check our our documentation or try one of the many examples.

Themable & Customizable

Since the component is built using JS and CSS, you can theme it any way you want. The Scheduler ships with five built-in themes based on Sass and they can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Dependencies between tasks

In production planning, it is very common to have dependencies between tasks in the process flow. For example, the paint has to dry before you apply the wax coating. In the Scheduler you can visualize the task relationships with arrows and use drag drop to create new arrows.

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