Gantt for Ext JS

The industry leading JavaScript Gantt chart component. Feature packed, easily extensible and compatible with any server environment.


Powered by Ext JS

The Gantt chart is built with the powerful Ext JS framework and is easily integrated into your existing Ext JS applications. This lets you use all the components of the framework and while Ext JS is required, you can still integrate the Gantt chart in any other JavaScript application stack.

The component also integrates seamlessly with our other Ext JS based components like the Scheduler and Task Board.

Critical path

Some of the tasks in your project schedule are critical to delivering the project on time. With the built-in critical path feature you can clearly see the chain of connected tasks that directly affects the project finish date.


With the constraints feature, you get granular control over how a task can be scheduled. The Gantt engine supports the standard constraint types, and you can also create your own custom constraints. Built-in constraint types:

  • As soon as possible
  • As late as possible
  • Start no earlier than
  • Start no later than
  • Finish no earlier than
  • Finish no later than
  • Must start on
  • Must finish on

Export & import

When using our export module, your users will be able to export your project schedules to PDF and PNG. The Gantt chart also supports importing existing projects from Microsoft Project.

More features

The Gantt chart has lots and lots of features built-in, such as export, histogram, timeline, calendar manager and many more showcased in the example browser. If you want to know technical details about all the features, you can always find them described in the documentation.

Resource Histogram

To detect resource overallocation, use the resource histogram view. It shows the capacity of each resource in your project. When a resource is overutilized, it’s clearly marked with red color so you can act on it.

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