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I can't figure out what causes a different display/design of the filter. My column is simply

,{text: 'Category',      field: 'f3', 
filterable: {
 filterField : {
 valueField   : 'refId',
 displayField : 'display',
                type  : 'dropdown',
				items        : [{
            refId : 0,
            display : ''
        }, {
            refId : 50,
            display : 'Functional'
        }, {
            refId : 51,
            display : 'Process'
        }, {
            refId : 52,
            display : 'Training'
}         }}

If I paste this column into the demos looks normal but in my app it displays like this


I can't figure out where the Less Than and More Than is coming from ?

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Hi gregc,

If it works for examples, better to attach your app or modify our examples to be able to reproduce this issue.
For now I can only suggest that your field has an Integer type, so by default https://bryntum.com/docs/grid/#Grid/column/Column#config-filterType for that field will be a 'number'. Try to change it in your app to 'dropdown'. If it doesn't work, please attach the code here, we will be able to investigate the problem.

All the best,

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I guess it is looking at the valueField which is a refId number and getting confused but defining

filterType: 'text'

fixed it, awesome thanks!

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