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Is it possible for a Multiproject overview to save a selection, or filter alle Projects for eg. "100" to show all customer Projects?

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This feature (global entry point) is recently added.

The selection is stored in a cookie at the moment. The selection is saved in that regard. But we have no filter there. You can make a feature request if you describe what (usecase/spec) would be convenient for you.
I think we can improve here.

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Feature request:
1) Save a selected group of projects in a multiproject overview. So when you come back to the page the same projects are still selected, or can be selected with one click.
2) Filtering projects and show all filtered projects. E.g. Filtering for "100" in the Name of the Projects, to show all Projects that contain "100" within its name. Select all those projects, without clicking on all of them.

Another feature
3) Make available to display the customer field in the left side of the screen.


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Thank you we will see what we can do.

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