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As you need this urgently, we are looking into it and hope to have it fixed within a couple of patch releases.

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Best of luck,

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Many thanks Tasnim!

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Ok we just re-tested with the new Bryntum Version 5.0.6 and we can confirm that the bug does no longer occur for us - thank you very much for the fast fix.

However we realized that other stores beside the Dependency Store are still affected.

For example the AssignmentStore has the exact same issue (fields with a dataSource propery are never triggering a sync).

Could you please fix the issue for all stores?

Many thanks in advance

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Bump: We would be grateful for a reply to this one. Can you confirm that the AssigmentStore was not yet fixed and if yes log a bug for it?

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Can you please share minimal code of how you reproduce this? How do you edit assignments? Cell editing or the task editor popup?

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Hi Matt,

i really think it is the exact same problem as the one you already fixed for the dependency store. Just as with the dependency model we use the following code to map our assignment data fields:

class CDSAssignmentModel extends AssignmentModel {
	static get fields(): any[] {
		return [
			{ name: ENTITY_CONFIG.assignmentIdField, dataSource: ENTITY_CONFIG.assignmentIdField },
			{ name: 'event', dataSource: ENTITY_CONFIG.assignmentTaskId },
			{ name: 'resource', dataSource: ENTITY_CONFIG.assignmentResId },
			// As soon as dataSource is not commented out the bug occurs
			{ name: 'units', /* dataSource: 'tpg_units' */, type: 'number' },

As soon as for example 'units' is mapped to a dataSource changing units of an assigned resource does no longer trigger an update / sync. For example if units is changed and saved in the following dialog:

Units.ongs.png (54.93 KiB) Viewed 56 times

no sync/update is triggered.

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