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I’m trying to add Export to PDF functionality to Scheduler on Salesforce, but according to code from the provided example (https://bryntum.com/examples/scheduler/export/) I can see that there should be some external server that generates PDFs.
It is not possible to run parallel servers on Salesforce, so I would like to ask if there is some API that could help or I misunderstood how it works and the whole logic is in the “schedulerpro” library?

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PDF export flow goes like this:

  1. block the component, make it render content according to the export settings (date ranges, rows, column, etc)
  2. collect raw HTML, pack it to JSON and send to the export server via fetch
  3. export server receives request, takes raw HTML, starts a pool of puppeteer instances, creates pages, puts HTML, waits for them to load, then converts to PDF using puppeteer API
  4. PDF pages are collected to one PDF file which is either sent back as binary or as a downloadable link (same for PNG)

We do not provide PDF rendering services, you should use your own server accessible to your application. You can take server we provide, but we usually recommend to implement your own. Our export server is not a production-grade solution.

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