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Post by henrique »

I'm using the example of your website: https://bryntum.com/examples/grid/celledit/.

I changed the column snippet as follows:

        { text : 'Name', field : 'name', flex : 1, editor : { readonly : true } },
        { text : 'check', field : 'done', type : 'check', editor : { readonly : true,  type : 'boolean'} },

I'm trying not to allow the columns to be modified, but this isn't working.

What am I doing wrong?

Post by tasnim »

You made a little typo. use camel case in read only readOnly: true.
It's gonna be working fine.

Good Luck :)

Best of luck,

Post by henrique »

For the text editor worked as expected. But for the check, I can check and uncheck it.

Post by marcio »

Hey henrique,

I reproduced that with check column. It's a bug, we'll investigate and fix that, here's a ticket for it https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/4960


Best regards,

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