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I'm looking for the types I can use to get code completion. I'm trying to use


for the config Object that is bound to the vue3 grid with v-bind as in the examples. I am seeing this error:

Error: Bryntum bundle included twice, check cache-busters and file types (.js).
Simultaneous imports from ".module.js" and ".umd.js" bundles are not allowed.

if I import both of these:

import { GridConfig } from '@bryntum/grid'
import { BryntumGrid } from '@bryntum/grid-vue-3'

Can you point me in the right direction for where I should get the types? Or maybe its a lookup type from something in the vue3 module?

Thanks for the help.

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Actually the error is not going away when I take out the other import. If I look at that package.json files in those under node_modules, they both say version 5.0.6. cache in chrome is disabled when devtools are open.

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So probably you're importing some Bryntum package in another place. Could you please zip your project without the node_modules folder and package-lock.json and share here?? That way I could check that for you.

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