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Short FAQ: Can I Machine-Wash My Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Everybody loves settling down onto a warm and comfortable bed at the end of the day to doze off. But there are a lot of people out there who have no idea that their comfort during the night can be drastically improved just by making a small change to their bed.

According to sleeping experts, a bed must be able to support the body’s natural form and ease off the pent-up pressure in several pressure points all throughout our body. This is how a good bed can make you feel heavenly relaxed the morning after. Additionally, a well-made bed should also be able to vent off your body heat in the middle of the night. Under no circumstance should a good sleep surface leave you all hot and sweaty when you wake up.

Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of people are spending their night, thinking that they couldn’t get any better than that. We’re not suggesting that you do something so drastic and expensive as throwing away your old mattress and buy a premium one. Instead, a good gel infused memory foam best mattress topper brands Image will be all you need.

A mattress topper is placed on top of your regular mattress and will provide you with cushioning. Modern top rated mattress toppers also have excellent breathability by either having cooling gel imbued into the material or were weaved from hyper-breathable materials like bamboo rayon.


While your overall comfort and quality of your sleeping experience will certainly improve, there’s one thing that you will still have to deal with when you upgraded your bed with a topper: cleaning. After some time using, your topper will be stained, have bad odours, or feels itchy from all of the built-up dirt and sweat.

Many people took these as signs to throw the topper into a washer.

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Of course, everything would’ve been fine had the topper not came out all bent, distorted, ripped, and soggy. In all of the cases we have seen, there was no fixing those unfortunate high quality mattress toppers and all of them ended up in the trash.

The thing about memory foam mattress toppers is that they cannot be machine-washed. Memory foam is a very delicate material and it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes the first time they own a memory foam topper. The most popular mistake we have seen people made by far is machine-washing a foam topper.


To properly clean your highest rated mattress topper, spot clean it with a spray bottle, vinegar or baking soda (do not use cheap detergents or Hydrogen Peroxide, they can wash off the color of the topper and create ugly stains on the surface). You can sweep up the sleep surface with a vacuum to purge it of crumbs, lint, and dust.

Of course, this is not always the case. Some manufacturers have managed to make memory foam toppers that are machine-washable. However, unless you’re explicitly told by the manufacturer that the Best Mattress Topper Image you have is machine-washable, automatically assume that it’s not and steer clear of your washer.

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