Mauro Manzetti (Tesar)
19 September 2019

Customer Spotlight – Tesar

Background TESAR® is an Italian company with long standing expertise in making systems for data collection, planning, control and management […]


TESAR® is an Italian company with long standing expertise in making systems for data collection, planning, control and management of industrial production and quality. Tesar was looking for a tool that refreshed its resource monitoring application in a modern and interactive direction. The application monitors machine and resources statuses in a specific time period. The application needed a deep change, in particular it needed a tool that enabled the application to have a real time monitoring analysis.

Research was directed to find the best Scheduler control in order to achieve specific functional needs. A tool that helps data to be clear and managed through a dashboard, aiming at monitoring and predictive goals.


The most important features Tesar was looking for from a functional point of view, were related to customization, aesthetic appearance and performance. In particular:

Moreover, there were also important technical requirements, such as:

After lots of research, comparisons and tests we made a choice as almost all requirements, technical and functional ones where met. Specifically, we found that Bryntum Scheduler performed at its best with big data sets. The Bryntum product works with huge data set and in particular Tesar application needs to show a large amount of data in relation to a long time period. Data rendering and talking dashboard are the focus.

We used the Bryntum Scheduler for implementing our resource monitoring application for a customer project. This application is used to control the STATUS of one or more production plant/departments.

The result

A resource (e.g. machine, work-center or work-bench) is represented by a row and the columns on the left can be customized with specific fields (e.g. machine code, part number, work order, production performance). The schedule area can be used to display the production interval (represented by a bar which color depends on the status of the resource) related to a machine or line, starting from a certain date (by default 30 days span), displaying the current production resource status and specifying the ending production forecast. By clicking on a single bar, the user sees dashboard that displays the selected item details on the right side.

TESAR®, with over 25 years of experience, is the partner for the supply of factor systems for data collection, planning, control and management of production and quality for the industry.

The concept is related to the past and present monitoring with the purpose of predicting the future: this is the strongest point in a tool that combines Bryntum Scheduler with a MES tool. The integration between Tesar and Bryntum consists in monitoring and managing data needs and, in particular, for such requirements we chose the best performing technologies. The frontend is built on the latest Angular release, this is not only a technical issue but it is very important because it allows the system to be fast, responsive and compatible with the latest browser versions.

For the backend we chose a REST API and a relational database for data persistence, the integration with Bryntum component was very easy.

The new Tesar resource monitoring is used for some customers, and it displays the application on big monitors, visible to workers in the production departments. This application lets the users see an overview of the production performance trend and the plant/department resources status.

The production manager can analyze historical data in order to understand the current situation: in this way he can learn from past mistakes and avoid the same situations.

The Future

There is a real chance that the Bryntum Scheduler could be used in other Tesar applications, for example:

Mauro Manzetti (Tesar)


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