Danny Hui
12 July 2021

Customer Spotlight: Sameview

Sameview is an online platform for disability care coordination founded by Danny Hui in Sydney, Australia. Danny’s son was born […]

Sameview is an online platform for disability care coordination founded by Danny Hui in Sydney, Australia. Danny’s son was born with a rare disease and the difficulties faced in managing a team of over 40 different professionals led Danny to finding a solution for families like his. Sameview is a web-based platform that enables family centred and goal directed care. Sameview reduces the stress and workload in caregiving by providing one place for families and individuals to share information, while also empowering professionals to communicate and collaborate. Sameview is used across Australia by people with disability of all ages and their families.


For the 1 in 5 people with disability around the world and their families, coordinating their supports is often a stressful and heavy workload. Families and individuals need to coordinate medical, allied health, disability support, education, employment and other supports, so that every person has the same latest information, and are working together effectively towards the person’s goals.

Scheduling and calendars in care



One important aspect of managing and coordinating care is scheduling. Aside from sharing upcoming appointments, it is important for Sameview customers to share their weekly schedule so that supports can effectively work together. The issue around information sharing becomes complex due to the network of relationships in the disability support ecosystem. In Australia the disability support system operates as an open market, with families and individuals having the choice over who and where they may spend their support funding. This means that each person has their own unique support team makeup.

Bryntum Calendar in Sameview


Based on customer feedback, the Sameview team decided to add a shared calendar functionality to complement the existing profile, goal, and outcomes sharing functionality suite in Sameview. Key considerations were security, ease of implementation, features, and consistency in look and feel and the team chose Bryntum Calendar for this task.

Implementation details

Picture 2.png


The Sameview team were very pleased with the implementation and grateful for the Bryntum team’s responsive support throughout the process. Being a web based application our main difficulty was getting the calendar to work nicely on mobile. That meant overwriting some base styles with our own breakpoint specific styles, and changing the calendar configuration on mobile breakpoints. You’ll also notice the Mobile Safari workaround we had to put in place, in order to prevent the calendar from freezing the browsers UI. There was a race condition that was causing the browser tab to freeze when displaying the calendar on component mount. Adding in a short loading timeout resolved the issue.


Picture 3.png

What this means for customers

While Sameview is a technology platform, the heart of what will do is about empowering individuals and families with teamwork that helps them to achieve their life aspirations. We’re already seeing families add shared care schedules, individuals taking control of their daily supported activities, and also professionals utilising visibility of upcoming appointments to provide opportunistic recommendations.

What’s next…

Adding the calendar is only the first step in this product enhancement pathway, we have plans to add more complimentary features that will remove more of the carer workload while improving collaboration between professionals

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