Mats Bryntse
5 March 2019

Customer Spotlight – ConexSys

We recently reached out to a few customers to hear why they decided to choose our products and also share […]

We recently reached out to a few customers to hear why they decided to choose our products and also share some information about how they use them. Today we would like to share the story we received from ConexSys who use Scheduler for Ext JS in their HI-IQ product.

About HI-IQ

HI-IQ® is a browser-based application used by interventional radiology departments across the United States to manage their daily patient workflows. The dynamic nature of interventional radiology department scheduling requires constant communication to ensure patient safety and optimal throughput. HI-IQ replaces manual methods of booking patients in a logbook and tracking procedure room schedules on a whiteboard. As such, the application requires a robust scheduling component to allow users to easily visualize and update patient status throughout the day.

Why did we choose Bryntum’s Scheduler for Ext JS?

We had 3 options:

  1. We could write our own scheduler from scratch. This was attempted as the first prototype. The amount of work needed to make it fully functional was prohibitive, especially when there are existing solutions for this problem space. Who likes reinventing the wheel? No one.
  2. We could use built-in controls provided by the framework we use. We use ExtJS for our application. There is no built-in solution for scheduling. The closest control provided is the calendar control and it doesn’t fit with what we need for our scheduler. This is essentially the same as option 1 at this point.
  3. We could use a separate scheduler library. There are many choices for this option out there. However, since we are using ExtJS, there was only one scheduler package that was built upon ExtJS and extensible enough to meet our needs.

The choice was pretty simple. Bryntum Scheduler for ExtJS provided a clean API and plugged into our ExtJS application with ease. From initial discovery of the component to a minimal prototype that fit seamlessly into our application took only about 2 weeks. This prototype also mimicked most of the functionality of our existing solution. Only minor customizations were needed and they were very simple to implement. The documentation is excellent and the examples provided in the kitchen sink allowed us to get up and running very quickly.

The Result

The resulting solution embedded within HI-IQ provides a performant, feature-rich scheduling system that allows our customers to provide better care to their patients. Many of our customers utilize the scheduling system on large touchscreen monitors, mimicking the functionality of a whiteboard. The data captured within HI-IQ is used by interventional radiology departments to ensure patient safety and perform more efficiently.

Using the Bryntum Scheduler allowed us to quickly integrate a scheduling tool without having to worry about reinventing the wheel.

Mats Bryntse

Customer Spotlight Ext Scheduler