Clive Jordan
29 March 2021

Client Spotlight: Plannerly

Plannerly Schedule View
About Plannerly: Plannerly simplifies BIM project management by consolidating BIM standards, requirements, contracting, sequencing, tracking and BIM compliance. What differentiates […]

About Plannerly:

Plannerly simplifies BIM project management by consolidating BIM standards, requirements, contracting, sequencing, tracking and BIM compliance. What differentiates Plannerly from traditional BIM management tools is that it is built on foundations of SmartLeanBIM®: the right BIM, at the right time, by the right people – for the right reasons. It is a common platform for all project stakeholders to co-create, review, comment and approve BIM Execution Plans; define, agree on and assign scope; contract through eSignature; monitor progress and track deliverables; check for BIM compliance and publish models for each project milestone – all in one online application. It is a unique visual tool converting difficult BIM planning processes into modules, categories, sections and tasks that one can simply drag and drop, which makes it fun and easy to use!


Building a startup can be tough – the Bryntum Scheduler toolset helped make one step in our workflow much more simple! Plannerly is an advanced project management tool for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. When we started out we had a core mission to develop a tool to accomplish two core objectives:

  1. Specify Requirements
  2. Check Requirements

That sounded great for our team however between the setting of requirements and verifying if they had been completed there are several critical project management steps that always need to be carried out.

Project management in fact has its own toolset and there are even world renowned companies that have devoted their whole existence to develop these task management tools. When you build software it is a challenge to satisfy all users requirements and unfortunately (and fortunately!) when you develop one feature it tends to turn into multiple new feature requests!

The customer is always right

When we began and just before we released the first version of our app two potential customers told us that we must add some features that they believed to be critical to show the status of tasks. This was for the stage in-between specifying requirements and checking requirements – that massive task of project management.

These features were not part of our core mission however always listening to customer feedback is a golden rule in startup land – so we delayed our release, we added an external off-shore development team and ground out a whole new module a few weeks before our first product release.

Plannerly Schedule View

The Schedule view inside Plannerly

This would not have been possible without Bryntum. A few teams have loved these features and requested more, as I shared above – this is expected, these features tend to prompt new feature requests. That’s a great sign but it could have been distracting for our team and actually ended up with us trying to manage a bunch of code that just wasn’t our core product.

Final words…

The great part about working with a company like Bryntum is that this functionality IS their core mission and they not only focus on making great products but also on fixing things, adding new features and generally being the best in the business at the part that our customers can rely on. Bryntum just released the CPM algorithm as a Scheduler Pro and we love that this development can boost the features for our customers with minimal effort from our team. It’s early days for this part of our application but we hope to see more and more teams realize the power of a connected workflow and use more of the amazing work that the Bryntum team is producing.

We are excited to continue the partnership with Bryntum to simplify a complex and critical step in the project management workflow!

Click here to show a video of the resulting implementation:

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