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Manage your projects & resources with our modern web component suite. Integrate with Angular, React and Vue or plain vanilla JS apps.

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A Scheduler For Professionals

Scheduler Pro is our professional scheduling component which supports inter-task dependencies, constraints and working time calendars. It is built with ES2020 & TypeScript and integrates easily into any React, Angular or Vue application.

Feature Rich Gantt Chart

Our Gantt chart is the most powerful JavaScript Gantt component available. It has an extensive API and a massive set of features that will cover all your project management needs. The Gantt chart is built with pure JavaScript / TypeScript and integrates easily into any React, Angular or Vue application.

Customizable Calendar

With our modern Calendar component you get a full calendar solution with day, week, month, year and agenda views. We also include a set of nice looking widgets such as filters, event editor, month navigation bar and more.

Blazing Fast Grid

Bryntum Grid is a powerful and high performance table component for the web. It is feature rich and handles big datasets with ease. Since it is built with pure JavaScript, it works with the framework you are already using.

Kanban Task Board

With our modern JS Kanban Task Board web component, you can easily manage your day-to-day work situation. It supports swimlanes and moving tasks between columns using drag drop. With minimal code, you can configure it to match your workflow and use any number of columns & swimlanes.

“The Scheduler has allowed us to deliver a first-class scheduling user experience with limited effort. This helps us maintain our competitive advantage. The scheduler integration went very smoothly thanks to the prompt forum support we received”

Joeri Sebrechts, Lead Developer
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Why choose Bryntum?

Fast support in our forums

Our forum is where our customers ask for help, your channel to our dev team. We try hard to respond to you within the same day.

Reliable releases
well covered by tests

We love testing. So much that we even developed our own testing tool Siesta. Our products are tested continuously in all major browsers.

Mature products since 2009

Bryntum was founded in 2009 and has been delivering high quality JavaScript scheduling components for the web ever since.


With Bryntum Scheduler we found the web based drag and drop scheduling we needed to bring the vision to life and take the portal to the next level.

Anders Borup
Centrica Energy Trading

I was excited to find the Bryntum Scheduler. I was even more pleased when I realized the quality of the code. It really helped me to quickly build prototypes and ultimately to rapidly deliver new functionality that our users really liked. This is a great addition for anybody that wants to show schedule data or resource allocation data!

Gerard Horan
Sony Computer Entertainment

With the Bryntum Scheduler, it is possible to present complex editable project planning and support issues on the web, without additional client software.

René Bartholomay
Deutsche Telekom

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