Bryntum Complete for Ext JS

With Bryntum Complete for Ext JS you get a discounted bundle containing our powerful Ext JS components as well as the Siesta testing tool to keep your code in great shape.


Scheduler for Ext JS

The Ext Scheduler lets you schedule anything with a start and end date. Since it is built using only JavaScript and CSS, you can integrated with any backend such as ASP.NET, Java, PHP etc. Its data model can be extended and customized with any meta data fields you need. The HTML rendering templates used by the component can also be customized and styled easily using basic CSS.

Calendar for Ext JS

With our javascript based Calendar component you get a full calendar solution with day view, week view and month view. We also include a set of nice looking widgets such as calendar filter, event editor, month navigation bar and more. The calendar integrates easily with our other Scheduler and Kanban products too.

Gantt Pro for Ext JS

With Ext Gantt Pro you can view and manage complex project schedules easily in your web application. The component supports lots and lots of Gantt use cases: Critical Path highlighting, inline editing, drag drop, dependencies, lead/lag and much more. The user interface is intuitive and interactive and allows the user to work with both the mouse and keyboard. As a developer, you can also leverage the Ext JS component model and extend our classes as well as create your own plugins to add your own functionality.

Kanban Task Board for Ext JS

Our javascript-based Kanban Task Board component gives you full control over your day-to-day work schedule. It tells your team what each of the members should be working on. You can configure it to match your workflow and use any number of task lanes and task fields. The entire UI is customizable and themable, using just JS and CSS.


Siesta is our JavaScript unit testing tool that can help you test any JavaScript code. It can also perform testing of the DOM and simulate user interactions. The tool can be used together with any type of JavaScript codebase – jQuery, Ext JS, NodeJS, Dojo, YUI etc. Using the API, you can choose from many types of assertions ranging from simple logical JS object comparisons to verifying that an HTML element is visible in the DOM. It comes in two versions: Lite and Standard. With Lite you can easily test your JavaScript in the browser, and with Standard you can also automate your tests (highly recommended).

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