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Hello Bryntum team -

I am new to the Gantt module, so this may be a lack of understanding on my part. I was looking for projects in the "View BryntumGantt" view in Projects in Odoo v14, and noticed that I could see the projects that are not for the current company I had selected. We have a multi-company environment, and I have permission for all the companies in the system. I only had one company selected in the "company selector drop down" menu, so I know that is not the issue.

I have looked at a user that only has permissions for one company, and they seemed to be able to see just the one company's data. So, it seems like the code is looking at permissions rather than what company is selected?

Maybe this is by design and I'm not aware of this.

Thank you in advance for your help with this question!

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To what view are you referring here 'View BryntumGantt'? Our module is build on top of 'project' or 'project_enterprise'. I think the permissions are set those modules. You can view any project shown by those modules.

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Multi-Company Odoo v14 environment
Gantt View PRO (Enterprise) v installed
Only one company is selected in the company selector drop down menu.

Attachment_1.png (18.34 KiB) Viewed 492 times

OTS Projects

OTS_Projects.png (92.75 KiB) Viewed 492 times

BOTI Projects

BOTI_Projects.png (69.17 KiB) Viewed 492 times

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Here are some steps to reproduce the situation:
• Go into Odoo
• Navigate to Projects
• Select a Project with Tasks on it
• Go into the Task
• Click on the “View BryntumGantt” button that takes you to that view

Attachment_2.png (75.08 KiB) Viewed 492 times

Here is the projects that I see when I am logged in with a user that only has permissions for one company (Burr Oak Tool Inc.)

Attachment_3.png (28.76 KiB) Viewed 492 times

Now, if I log in with a user that has access to multiple companies and view the exact same project, here is what the user will see

Attachment_4.png (40.16 KiB) Viewed 492 times

What I would expect to see is just the projects that are specific for each company, not the projects for all companies.
Attached are two other screenshots that show OTS(Oak Technical Services) projects and BOTI(Burr Oak Tool) projects.

Hopefully, that explains thing better.

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Thanks. We do not filter on the company selector, only on permissions.

I have created a ticket for this feature request.

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