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Hi Terence,
I like the way of customizing which columns you want to see or hide and in which order they are shown. However, once I close my project and open it again, all customized settings are set back to default.
The solution of setting a fix column order code in the settings is a good one, but only if all users have the same column view preferences.
Is there a possibility of saving customized views per user (latest customization, same for all projects)?

Odoo Version: 15
Bryntum App Version:

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We do not have an option yet to set it on user level, except it is storing state values in cookies. But you have to active/add the column first in the configuration.

See this post to configure the columns globally.

 columns                 : [
         { type: "wbs", id: 'br_column_1' },
         { type: "name", width: 250, id: 'br_column_2' },
         { type: "startdate", id: 'br_column_3' },
         { type: "duration", id: 'br_column_4_1' },
             type        : "resourceassignment",
             width       : 120,
             showAvatars : false,
             id: 'br_column_5'
         { type: "percentdone", showCircle: true, width: 70, id: 'br_column_6' },
             type  : "predecessor",
             width : 112,
             id: 'br_column_7'
             type  : "successor",
             width : 112,
             id: 'br_column_8'
         { type: "schedulingmodecolumn", id: 'br_column_9' },
         { type: "calendar", id: 'br_column_10' },
         { type: "constrainttype", id: 'br_column_11' },
         { type: "constraintdate", id: 'br_column_12' },
         { type: "addnew", id: 'br_column_13' }

This is the current configuration. The id's are used for storage in a cookie.
You can change order here.

Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 12.20.14.png
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You can use any column described in our API documentation

*see the column section

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