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When i am on this page https://www.bryntum.com/examples/gantt/export/ and i change columns to:

columns : [
        { type : 'name', field : 'name', text : 'Name', width : 200 },
        { type : 'startdate', text : 'Start date' },
        { type : 'enddate', text : 'End date' },
        { type : 'duration', text : 'Duration' },
        { type : 'resourceassignment'  },

and select "Multiple pages" option for "Control pagination" option in Export dialog and hit export it fails with error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'valueOf' of null
    at Gantt.getCoordinateFromDate (gantt.module.js?447347:87)
    at Gantt.scrollToDate (gantt.module.js?447347:87)
    at MultiPageExporter$2.scrollToDate (gantt.module.js?447347:102)
    at MultiPageExporter$2.onRowsCollected (gantt.module.js?447347:102)
    at async MultiPageExporter$2.buildPage (gantt.module.js?447347:65)

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