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We found the following issue with SchedulerPro 5:
When we update an event using EventModel.set() method and certain fields are present (inactive, constraintType or constraintDate), then the Scheduler is not refreshed (changes are not visible).

For example, after running this code:

  name: 'test123',
  inactive: undefined

event is not refreshed on the Scheduler, but when we manually call the scheduler.refresh() method, changes get visible.

What we found so far:

  • if one of these fields are present with undefined/null value, Scheduler is not updated: inactive, constraintType or constraintDate
  • we can constantly reproduce this issue inside our application with SchedulerPro 5.0.5 and 5.1.1
  • we did not have this issue with Scheduler 4.3.9
  • we have not been able to reproduce this issue with the basic scheduler example yet (outside of our app)

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Thanks for reporting. We'll investigate it. Here is a ticket

Best regards,

Best of luck,

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Hi Tasnim,

I could reproduce the bug outside of our application:

It seems it's SchedulerPro specific issue, and it works in normal Scheduler.

Steps to reproduce:

Excepted: first event name is updated to 'test123'
Actual: first event name does not updated


  • if you run schedulerPro.refresh(), then it will be updated

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Thanks for your information,
I've updated the ticket.

Best of luck :)

Best of luck,

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