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Post by abisht »

I am trying to add remote filtering in edit cell combo type editor.

I have the following store config:

  public employeeStore: AjaxStore = new AjaxStore({
    data: [],
    filterParamName: 'firstName',
    readUrl: '/api/v1/driver/getDriverListForDropDown',
    sendAsFormData: true

Even though I have defined sendAsFormData as true, still my filter request is going as query param.


Angular 8
Bryntum : 3.0.3

Post by alex.l »

There is a difference via request params and form data (payload). filter - is a part of params that will be send in request params format depends on an HTML method used (GET/POST, etc).
sendAsFormData applies on request body only (payload).

But thank you for a question, we found a bug with our request formatting, here is a ticket:

All the best,

Post by abisht »

So for CREATE/UDPDATE, form data is applicable ? For GET, it will always be query param right ?

I have one more issue to point out.

The query param generated is not properly encoded :




should be encoded

Post by alex.l »

There is method that allows you to play a bit with formatting.

By default is looks like

    encodeFilterParams(filters) {
            result = [];

    for (const { property, operator, value, caseSensitive } of filters) {
            field : property,
    return JSON.stringify(result);

All the best,

Post by abisht »

oh ok..thank you.

Post by alex.l »

And I've opened a ticket to fix that moment
Thank you for the report!

All the best,

Post by abisht »

Thank you.

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