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I see that the following attributes are not updateable for fixed effort and fixed duration attributes. Can you please explain the reason why Bryntum doesn't support the updates currently and if you plan to support the updates in the later releases?

Finish, Duration - for Fixed effort task (if resource is assigned)
Effort - for fixed duration task

Note: MSP supports updates to effort, duration, dates for any type of task.

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Corresponding fields are not meant to be manually edited in these modes. The values are calculated by the Gantt automatically:

  • End date/Duration are calculated based on provided Effort value for Effort driven tasks
  • Effort is calculated based on Duration for Fixed duration tasks

Post by Vineela »

Thanks for the update. However, there are also usecases to update these attributes respectively. For example, As a project manager, I would like to plan 2 resources for a month with 100hours of effort through a fixed duration task.

So, do you plan to support the updates of the following attributes in the longer term and is there a way to achieve it in the mean time?

End date/Duration for Effort driven tasks
Effort for Fixed duration tasks

Post by arcady »

So you want to fix duration and effort ..then assignment units should be recalculated?
Sounds like DynamicAssignments scheduling mode.

Post by Vineela »

Ok, got it. Thanks! But, don't you think that these attributes should be made editable even for fixed effort, duration tasks too, similar to how MSP works?

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We don't have such plans. We don't state the behaviour 100% matches MSP. You can always extend the classes and implement the functionality you need. If you need our help, just ping sales at Cheers!

Pavel Miklashevich - Core Developer

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