Remote filtering on nested objects

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Robert Hirst
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Remote filtering on nested objects

Post by Robert Hirst »

I'm trying to implement a remote filtering grid and my data has some nested objects.


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	"id": 1,
	"deepObject": {
I'm able to specify columns with a field of "deepObject.someProperty" which displays as expected.

I can also use the top bar filtering to filter the result set, and it all gets passed through correctly.

However, if I use the cell "Equals" function, then the filter bar at the top shows [objectObject] (implying it's passing the entire deepObject object, rather than the "someProperty" property. When the remote filter is call, the value is not set under those conditions.

Is there a way to make the cell context "Equals" menu item pass through the actual field displayed?

I've attached a modified version of the remote paging and filtering example which copies the name into a nested object, and displays the columns from that nested object.

The console outputs the search params passed (as I haven't updated the faked Ajax store to filter on dot notation).

1. Press the filter in the column header and enter a value
2. Observe params object passed in the console, and note that value is passed.
3. Clear the filter, and then right click a cell and select "Equals"
4. Observe params object passed in the console, and note that a value is not passed. Additionally, clicking the Filter button in the header displays "[object Object]".

Is there any way to change what is passed from the cell context menu "Equals" function to be the field value specified, rather than (what I assume is) the entire nested object?
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Re: Remote filtering on nested objects

Post by saki »

Yes, we could reproduce it and it seems to be a bug. Thank you for reporting.

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