Checkbox in dialog doesn't work

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Checkbox in dialog doesn't work

Post by Valentin »

Can you help, please? -
I want to add a checkbox to Event Editor dialog and use it's value when I press 'Save'.
I've added it successfully but when I try to press 'Save' nothing happens at all.
I've already tried to use combo instead and everything worked fine.

I'm using Scheduler v1.2.5 and React 16.8.2
Main code is below:

Code: Select all

  type: 'checkbox',
  text: 'Half days',
  name: 'isHalfDay',
  ref: 'isHalfDay',
I've tried different options, to set default value, status - nothing helps.
I can't 'Save' anything at all.

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Re: Checkbox in dialog doesn't work

Post by pmiklashevich »

We could not reproduce this issue. To assist you with your question, please provide more details including a runnable test case (as described in our support guidelines).

To get the fastest possible support, provide a simple test case based on our standard examples.

Please create a new thread in a corresponding product forum. "General Forums -> Examples and tips & tricks" is for general questions.
Pavel Miklashevich - Core Developer

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