EventTool without visible Tool

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EventTool without visible Tool

Post by dfliess »

Hi everyone!

I think that the EventTool plugin should not render it self (the outer div) if there are no Tools to be shown for one specific event. I mean if all the visibleFn return false there is a small square that I think shouldn't be there
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Here you have a piece of code that should do the work on Sch.plugin.EventTools:

onEventMouseEnter: function (sch, model, event) {

var visibleTBar = false;

this.items.each(function (tool) {
//must use isHidden as isVisible check if it's rendered
visibleTBar = visibleTBar || !tool.setVisible(tool.visibleFn(model) !== false).isHidden();
}, this);

if (visibleTBar) {

if (!this.rendered) {

var node = event.getTarget(sch.eventSelector);
var box = Ext.fly(node).getBox();

this.record = model;


// Needs to be done after doLayout
var size = this.getSize();

this.lastPosition = [
event.getXY()[0] - (size.width/2),
box.y - size.height - this.offset.y


Thank you very much.

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Re: EventTool without visible Tool

Post by mats »

Good suggestion, fixing right now
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