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Hi all,

I am facing some issues using webdriver or puppeteer on chrome.

  1. Executing this cmd in chrome?
    siesta-5.3.2-standard/bin/webdriver localhost:1841/myApp/Siesta/test.html --include gridStores.t.js 

Here is the error:

Is there any workaround to prevent that?

  1. Executing the same cmd (by adding browser option: --browser=firefox) in firefox doesn't cause any problem.
    But whenever I try to generate test report, I face other issues:
    siesta-5.3.2-standard/bin/webdriver localhost:1841/myApp/Siesta/test.html --include BaseStores.t.js --coverage-report-format=HTML --coverage-report-dir Siesta/coverage --browser=firefox


I can't understand why that's happening in siesta-5.3.2. In siesta-5.3.1, it worked fine.

I also try using puppeteer launcher, tests are running fine but reporting them causes the same issues

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Can you try with the latest Siesta version - 5.5.0?

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Okay, will try with that.

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I have upgraded siesta version to 5.5.0. Everything is fine in firefox. But still in chrome, webdriver launcher complains about chrome version and it expects chrome version to be 79 as mentioned earlier.
Recall the error here again

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Ok, thank you for the report. We'll upgrade the Chrome webdriver in the next release. In the meantime, please do that manually.

You can download it from here:

And need to place the downloaded binary to: /siesta/bin/binary/chromedriver/

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