Ask for help related to our 2.x versions.

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No, calendars do not support special time zones. In fact our component (as well as extjs) rely on browser dates which is relied on user's time zone. All custom logic is up to you.

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I still think there is bug around the scheduler component.
I am at pacific time (-8:00). I set start time as 10/31/2015 6:00PM("Nov 1 1AM GMT") and end time 11/1/2015 6:00 AM( "Nov 1 2:00pm GMT") which was entered through salesforce UI then the scheduler renders the timeline from 10/31 5:00 PM to 11/01 6:00 AM.
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.27.16 PM.png
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Could you please provide a test case? Also try in the latest 4.x codebase?

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Hello. With latest 4.0 release we announced experimental Lightning Locker support and added a demo showing how to use Bryntum products as Lightning Web Components. Please refer to examples/salesforce/ for more details.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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