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I am having a problem trying to add a window containing a Gantt Chart to a large old ExtJS application. As shown in the attachment, the task names are being displayed as expected on the left but the corresponding bars are not being displayed on the right. The right section has the correct number of lines but they are empty and seem taller than the task name lines on the left.

I am using ExtJS version and gantt-pro-2.5.10.

To illustrate the problem I used a slightly modified version of the sample in the 'Getting Started with Ext Gantt' section of the documentation.

The source code is shown below. I have a store that is the same as the example. I have a gantt panel that creates the store in the initCompanent function. The gantt panel is contained in a window and the window is display using the controller code shown at the end.

What am I missing??

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Sorry, your version is no longer supported. Are you considering updating to our new pure JS version?

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