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The Best Bagged Vacuum to Get In 2020: Hoover Platinum Collection UH3001COM

If you or anyone in your family is an allergy sufferer, then bagged vacuums might be the best choice in a good vacuum cleaner. Although bagless vacuums have improved a lot in the past few years with innovative techs like HEPA filters, when it comes to hygiene and maintainability, bagged vacuums beat their counterparts by a wide margin.

In this article, we’ll show you the Best vacuum cleaners on the market Image with bags that should be on your radar in 2020: The Hoover Platinum Collection UH3001COM.

Platinum Collection

We highly recommend this bundle because it doesn’t just include a bagged, upright, corded vacuum, but you will also get a canister vacuum along with it. When you find yourself having to clean the stairs or ceiling, instead of dangerously lifting the upright vacuum, you’ll have the canister vacuum to get the extra reach and flexibility you need.

The entire collection combined not only has great performance, adaptability, and ease of use, it helps immensely that both vacuums are incredibly lightweight.



The upright weighs about 11 pounds and the canister vacuum even more so. If you want to have a maneuverable and flexible vacuum set to go, this is it.

All of the controls are ergonomic with the power button located right on the handle for you to switch the power mode at any point you want.


Packed inside of the slim and compact body is a 12-amp electric motor that’s capable of generating a surprising amount of suction power. The integrated direct air-flow tech inside of the vacuum also streamlines the cleaning process to make it more efficient and less time consuming.

In our tests, the upright performed well on bare floors (such as hardwood floors) as well as carpets and rugs. The high suction pulled out dirt, dust, and debris on its cleaning path over low- to medium-pile carpets. However, when we tested it with high-pile carpets, the vacuum started to struggle, so we don’t recommend it for houses with a lot of thick carpets and rugs that you need to run through.


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Canister Vacuum

Aside from the upright body, the Platinum Collection also features one of the nicer canister vacuums. The canister is even more maneuverable and easy to transport than the upright, which helps immensely in the task of cleaning higher spots in the house that an upright can’t reach like the ceiling. In return, the cleaning performance is considerably weaker, but typically you’ll never find yourself needing the extra “oomph” while you’re on a task that uses the canister vacuum specifically.

All of the harder cleaning tasks that require more cleaning power should be delegated to the upright, instead.



The vacuum comes with a number of self-sealing HEPA bags to ensure that all harmful allergens and microscopic dust that could endanger allergy sufferers in the house are safely contained inside. You only need to pull out the bag and throw it into the trash with little fuss.

When you’ve used up all of the HEPA bags included, you can order more from Hoover.


A number of accessories are shipped attached to the vacuum, including a dusting brush, crevice tool, and a telescopic wand to extend the reach of the vacuum.


This has been our thorough review of the Image Top best vacuum cleaners: Hoover Platinum Collection UH3001COM! We hope that our review has been of help in giving you the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision. Still, we recommend that you do a little more market research through our review articles to get a better idea of what the market has to offer before making your final investment.

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