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It's already fixed in a corresponding branch. It will be live when we release 1.0
Thank you for the report. That is known issue. Will be fixed within 1.0 version. The event system will be fully refactored :) Stay tuned for updates.
We do nothing with this functionality. It's fully on sencha's side. I've tested with sencha code and it looks like it doesn't support collapsed normal grid.

It's ExtJS thing for sure.
We do nothing to set the picker position.

Also I cannot reproduce this on the latest version.

Let us know please if you can reproduce this issue with one of our samples ... sink/#home
Hello, Here is Scheduling Suite sample where Resource tab is your horizontal mode and Week tab is your calendar mode. It's one scheduler instance and we just switch mode and viewPreset by click on the tab. These two modes are different since they have different axes. If you need a help with your cus...

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I haven't reproduced this either, but it sometimes happens with customers, who use the drag-drop feature extensively. Well, it's a common situation when customers are using something extensively. I could recommend you to look at app invented by Bryntum too. It helps to trac...
Usually it works like this. Just remove ext directory and bryntum packages. Mention versions here and we will paste them by ourself.
Hello! What do you mean by saying "add scrool to the left side of Gantt panel"? Do you mean right-to-left mode? Or maybe you mean locked grid? Locked and normal grid have one scroll for both parts. By the way, overflowY is deprecated since Ext ...
Hello, I couldn't reproduce this issue with our samples ( ... /grouping/), but I've added few checks to prevent potential problems. You can see the code into the nightly build.