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You can subscribe to selectionChange and apply filter to the Grid store.

scheduler.on('selectionchange', () => => {.....}));

If you need a UI element to adjust the filter condition, you can use Slider for example and pass its value to the filter.

In Scheduler Pro the feature is called TaskEdit . It shows SchedulerTaskEditor . Customization guide is here: There is no "template" function on the TaskEditor. But the last chapter in the guide shows how to replace the buil...

You can set labelWidth or change labelPosition to be "above" the field:

testItem : {
    type          : 'text',
    label         : 'test',
    labelPosition : 'above',
    weight        : 900
Hello @janan, The issue you reported is not a bug. The tooltip stays because it is still over the cell. The event is in a cell, so it is over both targets. You can modify the selectors as following, for example: commonTooltip('.b-sch-event-wrap, .b-sch-event-wrap *'); commonTooltip('.b-grid-row :not...

After an internal discussion, we decided to deprecate and remove the "context" argument. We will add explicit "resourceRecord" argument to the top level. You can try it out in the nightly builds on the next day after the ticket is resolved. Cheers!

Please listen to beforeLoad event and modify "pack" object. The pack object is generated dynamically based on the store changes. Whatever you add there will be added to the body automatically. For example: new Scheduler({ crudManager : { listeners : { beforeLoad({ pack }) { Object.assign(pack, { dat...
Hello, This is a known issue. Ticket here: As a workaround please extend the TaskEditor and override loadEvent method import './lib/StatusColumn.js'; import TaskEditor from '../../lib/Gantt/widget/TaskEditor.js'; class MyEditor extends TaskEditor { // Fa...
Hello, Regarding the second issue, when you update a field which takes a part in scheduling, for example "duration" or "resourceId", the Engine recalculates the events. It does it asynchronously. So when you call suspendEvents, set new data, the async rescheduling begins. Then you synchronously call...

I see no issues. Please try in Advanced demo, just taskStore instead of eventStore.

gantt.taskStore.on('update', () => {
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