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Would be cool to see the demo with Scheduler + TaskBoard combination :)

Hm.. Perhaps you could start with some docker container that already has Chrome? May be there's "official" container for Chrome? Anyway, this error means that the project web page contains a Siesta version w/o the automation package (Siesta Lite). Need ...

Yup, something with the Chrome prerequisites I guess

Yes, should be sufficiently equal. Can you try with puppeteer launcher? If Chrome really fails to start in the container it should also fail.. Perhaps this line is the rootcause: [0413/] Failed to connect to the bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus...

You can check the ChromeDriver version with siesta/bin/binary/chromedriver/linux64/chromedriver --version


It might be possible that there's a mismatch between the installed Chrome and ChromeDriver version. Those versions need to match. Please try downloading the matching version of ChromeDriver from and place the binaries to the /siesta/bin/binary/chromedriver

Hard to say what happens, seems something with the PATH environment variable. The best way to debug is to open a shell into the container, using the same user, and see how it is set there.

Where this script is physically executed? On your CI machine?

You don't need webserver with the root in the tests subdir, the web root can be any directory. You only need to know what is the "web" path to the tests dir and you point the Siesta launcher to that path.

At Bryntum we use TeamCity plugin for testing the pull requests, but any other option will work too. For example this action:

There are also git hooks, which are the simplest option I think.

Hm.. What if you copy the files in /bin/binary/imagemagick from 4.0.0 to 5.5.1? Will it work after that?