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Hi, As far as I understand what you are seeing is the intended behaviour, convert is called on each change to make sure the value that will be stored has correct shape.Try checking the incoming type and take action based on that? Or if you think it is a bug, please supply a complete snippet we can u...


The improvements are merged and at least available in nightlies. Did not add to changelog, will now.

Hi, I have tried to reproduce this issue on our latest sources, without success. I changed from suspendRefresh() to beginBatch() etc in our bigdataset demo as you described, but I am not seeing any onElementResize call in my performance profile. And the performance is only affected a little bit by u...
Hi, Regarding the data layer performance, it is expected to be slower in 4.x than in 3.x because it now always uses an AssignmentStore. Old demo has 200 resources + 200 x 25 events = 5200 records. New demo has 200 resource + 200 x 25 events + 200 x 25 assignments = 10200 records. Supporting both hav...

Fair enough, will adjust 👍

Here connected to a slider to simulate zooming:

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Unfortunately Gantt does not support variable row height, its layout calculations currently requires a fixed row height. And at this point we have no plans to add such support.

Gif demonstrating dragging cards and collapsing columns and swimlanes

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Hi, I am the architect leading the development of our new modern JavaScript Kanban board component, TaskBoard. We are working hard on making a modern and more fleshed out version of our old ExtJS based TaskBoard and have reached a point where we want to share the progress on it. We would appreciate ...
Yes, configuring autoHeight on any column lets it dictate the row height. You have a number of options for how to achieve a min-height, I think these should all work: Set a size in a column renderer, it will be weighted against the measured one and the largest will win Set a min-height in CSS on b-g...